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Forward Health Takes Another Step in the Health Tech Industry

November 23, 2023


CEO and co-founder of Forward Health (Forward), Adrian Aoun, has launched an AI-powered, self-contained, standalone medical station called CarePod. Forward’s latest stride builds on its previous initiatives of tech-forward doctors’ offices and remote support during COVID-19.

Moving away from traditional primary healthcare, CarePods use a custom-built LLM that allows users to access medical services without a doctor or nurse. Users simply unlock the door to the CarePod with their phone, and through the use of apps and voice-guided instruction, users are led through a range of medical tests and functions that are traditionally performed at primary care offices. Users will be able to receive a diagnosis for common ailments, ask medical questions, and if treatment is necessary, Forward doctors will be able to review the tests in real-time, behind the scenes, and write prescriptions.

Some examples of tests that are available are full body scans, heart health, thyroid testing, blood pressure, and diabetes screening, to name a few.

The custom-built LLM is trained to find research papers and clinical protocols to build a care plan for the users. As stated by Aoun, he “sees Forward’s solution as offering patients the best of both worlds: access to the latest tests and research, and care plans developed by AI and approved by a team of trusted doctors.”

Forward has received $100 million in new funding and is launching 25 CarePods during its first release, aiming for 3,200 in a year. Users can obtain unlimited access to CarePods and all its services for $99 per month.

Author: Noor Sakran, 2023/2024 Articling Student-at-Law


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