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Google Canada Invests CA$ 3.9 Million in Montréal-Based AI Institute, Mila

November 25, 2020


On November 13, 2020, Google Canada announced its renewed investment in Montréal-based artificial intelligence (AI) institute, Mila. The renewed funding comes in the form of a C$3.9 million (US$3 million) grant over a three-year period. Mila announced its plans to use the grant funding to continue its research into AI and machine learning.

This grant comes four years after Google Canada invested US$4.5 million in Mila, enabling the institute to grow from 25 to 519 researchers. According to Yoshua Bengio, Mila Scientific Director, the grant comes at a “watershed moment for the Canadian AI community.” COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges across a multitude of industries, leading Yoshua to believe that “AI is no longer an emerging technology but a useful tool that can serve to solve world problems.” Google Canada’s renewed funding signals to the AI community that Google recognizes this opportunity and is ready to invest in the important work ahead.

Currently, Mila is working on an algorithm aimed at identifying a new drug capable of combatting COVID-19. Google Canada’s renewed support aims to provide Mila with the necessary funding to advance these projects and future AI endeavours.

Author: Shadi Varkiani


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