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MARZ Raises $6.5M in Series A Funding

December 7, 2021


Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (“MARZ”), an Emmy-nominated and Toronto-based technology and visual effects (VFX) start-up, recently announced that it has raised $6.5M in Series A funding. Goodmans LLP acted for Round13 Capital, which led the investment. Other participants in this round included Rhino Ventures, Harlo Equity Partners, digital transformation company Torinit alongside several strategic angel investors.

Since its inception, MARZ has seen rapid growth, jumping from completing 13 projects in its first year all the way up to 54 by its third year. MARZ produces shows for Netflix, Marvel, and HBO.

“MARZ is one of the fastest growing VFX studios in the industry with a reputation for leveraging technology to deliver a best-in-class product within record timelines,” said Brahm Klar, a partner at Round 13 Capital. “By partnering with MARZ, alongside some of Canada’s most successful investors, we can work closely with the team to build on the company’s extraordinary success so far.”

MARZ plans on allocating the funds to grow its VFX services business, and to boost its research and development into its A AI for VFX, its AI technology. AI for VFX is “…meant to combat the systemic VFX industry challenges of capacity, time and budget contraints”. In an effort to address the VFX capacity shortage in the industry as a whole, the funding will also support hiring of key personnel, increasing production capacity, and improving the efficiency of MARZ’s AI.

By: Farrah Kudus


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