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To assist clients in the technology sector, Goodmans brings together our acknowledged expertise in corporate/commercial, private equity, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, licensing, intellectual property, privacy, regulatory and media, tax, litigation, human resources, corporate restructuring and administrative law. Our Technology Group is a cohesive unit of experienced professionals dedicated to serving the unique requirements of the technology sector.

Goodmans understands the technology industry. Our lawyers know its special needs; its high-energy and fast tempo; its underlying technologies; its risks and unlimited opportunities. We help our clients to capitalize on those opportunities while managing the inherent risks all in a creative, flexible and efficient manner. Goodmans works with all manner of clients involved in the technology sector including: public and private companies (from start-ups to late stage); angel, venture capital, private equity, family office and institutional investors; entrepreneurs and technology professionals; lenders; and governmental agencies. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide our clients with timely, creative and practical legal and business advice to assist them in navigating the sometimes turbulent and fast moving technology waters.

Blockchain technology is quickly transforming the corporate landscape, disrupting many industries from banking and securities to healthcare and government. Goodmans technology practice offers unparalleled expert advice to allow our clients to capitalize on the benefits of this exponential technology while remaining abreast of the complex laws and evolving regulations that govern it. Our lawyers deliver innovative and sophisticated solutions to meet the challenges of this new and evolving industry in the areas of corporate and securities law (including advising on ICOs), venture financing, investment funds, tax law, brokers, consulting firms and exchangers. As blockchain radically changes business as we know it, Goodmans remains ahead of the pack in this new technology space.

Our technology experience is both broad and deep. Start-ups looking for seed capital and creating a sound commercial foundation as well as multinational public corporations regularly seek our counsel. Goodmans was the pioneer for many of the contractual relationship formats that now exist in the information technology sector. We also have an extensive history of helping clients enforce their rights with regard to computer software issues and other business disputes. The members of our Technology Group teach internet and communications law at Canada’s largest law school, are regular lecturers at technology industry events and legal conferences and have published articles in the technology law field.


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