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54E Dev Studio's Low Latency Robotics Platform Through Golf

August 30, 2021


Investors, led by Conexus Venture Capital, gave $1.7M CAD to 54E Dev Studios Inc. to continue to develop and expand its remotely-operated robotics gaming app.

54E Dev Studios, a Canadian based technology company, created mobile golf game, OneShot Golf, which combines robotics with an ultra-low latency video platform to create a fun and realistic golf experience for players. Users remotely control the golfing robots, which are housed in a warehouse owned by 54E Dev Studios. The company currently has 90 robots with plans to have 500 by 2022. Since OneShot Golf’s inception, the game has been extremely popular; at its peak 120,000 people were vying to play, however only one person can use a robot at a time, limiting the number of users that can play.

Dustin Coupal, a founder of 54E Dev Studio, noted that while the mobile gaming industry is a lucrative space, OneShot Golf is just the beginning for the company. Coupal plans to employ the company’s advanced robotics technology, which is created in-house, to other areas beyond OneShot Golf and mobile gaming. While the Canadian robotics industry is certainly crowded and tough, Coupal is confident that with 54E Dev Studio’s proprietary robotics technology, the start-up will eventually become a leading player in the market.

By: Matthew Erdman


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