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Apple WWDC: Apple Intelligence & New Features

Updated: 4 days ago

Apple’s keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) had many exciting announcements that will impact not only the technology sector, but also the lives of all Apple users. In their address, Apple had exciting news on Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, Siri, emojis, passwords, and more. As mentioned in a previous Goodmans Tech blog post, Apple will be partnering with OpenAI in a feature that will allow users to access ChatGPT through Siri. The tech giant will also be adding AI features of their own through Apple Intelligence, Apple’s new AI product.

Some practical uses for Apple Intelligence include Writing Tools, which will give users the ability to summarize messages or change the tone of an outgoing email with ease. Apple Intelligence will also substantially bolster Siri’s abilities. Users will now be able to use Siri via text (rather than only by voice). Siri will also gain functionality across various apps – Siri can be asked to send photos and articles through the Messages app or can function as a helpful assistant by searching the device to answer personal inquiries.

Apple Intelligence will also provide utility in other ways across Apple devices. Namely, Apple Intelligence will be able to deliver context-driven notifications, where notifications that are deemed more important will be recognized and prioritized. Apple Intelligence will improve proofreading and writing style across various applications, and Safari will now use artificial intelligence to provide highlights to extract key information from webpages.

Apple Intelligence will also have the ability to generate photos through Image Playground, where users can express themselves in seconds, simply by giving a prompt. Similarly, users can create a unique Genmoji – of themselves, friends, or family - by typing a descriptive prompt or using a photo for inspiration. Genmoji can be added to messages, shared as a sticker, or used as a reaction in a Tapback.

Apple also announced some major ground-breaking changes coming with iOS 18. Users will now have more flexibility with app placement on their home screen, as well as allowing for new ways to tap react to messages using emojis or Genmojis. The new iOS will also allow individuals to transfer money to another Apple user by holding phones together.

Overall, the announcements made by Apple at WWDC have taken the tech world by storm. While Apple may have had a slow start to the world of artificial intelligence, the company has officially entered the quickly-developing world of AI.

Author: Arjun Prasad - 2024 Summer Student


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