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Better Teams & Better Business with Produce8

December 23, 2022


Vancouver based SaaS start-up Produce8 is focused on helping digital-first companies optimize their online working environments and minimize digital burnout. With the influx of remote and hybrid teams, businesses are continuing to rethink the role of technology in facilitating how team members interact and manage work flow.

As a digital analytics tool, Produce8 aims to create transparent teams through data democratization. Produce8 enables everyone working on a team to access the tech usage patterns of their colleagues. For example, each individual on a team can discover how much time is allocated to the use of specific tech platforms, such as Slack, Zoom or Teams.

Building transparent digital infrastructure allows teams to discuss which tech solutions make working together easier. Produce8 gathers data relating to meeting frequencies and length, as well as how often one is switching between applications. According to Produce8, “distractions lead to around 90 minutes of productivity loss per day, costing North American enterprises $1 trillion annually.” Capturing this data enables employers and business owners to measure the value-add of specific tools or to identify digital distractions. These insights provide useful indicators to improve internal communications and carve out more time for focused deep work.

Produce8 recently announced that it secured $6 million CAD in seed-round funding. This capital will contribute towards scaling its monthly active users while growing its product and sales teams. With Produce8, digitally driven teams can craft solutions for empowering employee success and wellbeing.

Samantha Melhado


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