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Big Box Retailer Walmart is Turning to Tik Tok to Boost its Sales

April 27, 2021


As reported by Born Digital, Walmart CEO William White has discussed how the retailer intends to leverage social media platform Tik Tok to boost sales. Specifically, Walmart has made clear its intention to use the platform not only to engage a younger demographic, but also to host digital events, such as shoppable livestreams.

This news comes after Walmart held its second livestream shopping event on the platform. The stream had popular content creators discuss products sold at Walmart, and it further allowed viewers to purchase the items being discussed directly through the social media platform.

White has explained that the retailer’s approach to social commerce reflects its intention to build relationships with customers and meet them where they are. White explained that using Tik Tok allowed the retailer to target a younger demographic of shoppers in a manner that it hopes will expand its customer base beyond shoppers who may already be loyal to their brand. White went on to note that the company wants “to continue to test and learn to see what’s possible for shopping in the fastest growing community on social media

Author: Nargis Fazli


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