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Cognitive3D Raises $2.5 Million

October 5, 2022


As Web3 applications and platforms, such as the multiverse, grow in popularity, an opportunity emerges to better understand how users interact with their virtual environment. With a seed round that raised $2.5 million, Cognitive3D wants to delve deeper into understanding how people participate in these new environments. The round of funding was led by Konvoy Ventures, with further participation from Space Venture Capital Investing Fund and Boost VC.

In these “extended reality environments”, it is often difficult for organizations to track important pieces of data. Cognitive3D aims to alleviate this problem by collecting and measuring spatial data to glean how users interact with objects in a 3D space. Cognitive3D tracks where users look, where they spend their time, and how they navigate extended reality environments. It will even track if a user removes their headset, sending an alert that the user may have encountered an issue.

Started in 2015 by CEO and founder Tony Bevilacqua, Cognitive3D is “poised to be the market leader in this new category of spatial analytics.". In an area where there is a shortage of information and analytics, Cognitive3D aims to fill in that gap.

Author: Nish Karthikeyan


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