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BC CICE: Non-Dilutive Investment Opportunity for Wildfire Technologies

Monday, June 17, 2024


What is the British Columbia Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (BC CICE)?

The BC CICE is an independent, not-for-profit corporation with the goal of moving towards a net-zero carbon future. Founded in 2021, the CICE provides millions of dollars of funding to support the commercialization of technologies that can help achieve this objective.

What is CICE’s current investment opportunity?

The CICE has just launched Canada’s first ever $3 million non-dilutive investment opportunity for innovators looking to further the commercial development of their wildfire technology. While the opportunity is intended to support BC innovators, applications from extra-provincial companies with projects in BC will also be considered.  

Applications will be accepted until August 7th, 2024. Those interested in applying can do so here.

What are wildfire technologies and why are they important?

Wildfire technologies play a pertinent role in adapting to, mitigating, and even preventing wildfires. Adaptation technologies help communities adjust to the actual impacts of wildfires, whereas mitigation technologies work to reduce the causes and lessen the severity.  Examples of adaptation technologies include ways to strengthen forest resiliency, or bolster post-fire restoration, while examples of mitigation technologies include wildfire detection mechanisms, superior communication systems, and climate-friendly fire retardants. Prevention solutions might include predictive modeling tools and the creation of incombustible materials. The CICE is prioritizing technologies that offer multiple benefits, and whose innovation can be replicated in various regions to facilitate a global climate impact.

The CICE investment opportunity comes at a more pivotal time than ever. Last year’s wildfire season was the most catastrophic BC had ever seen. More than 2.84 hectares of land burned and tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes. The impact of wildfire emissions is skyrocketing, posing unique environmental challenges with grave consequences for not only BC, but also the global climate. Wildfire technologies are key for early detection, efficient firefighting, and risk mitigation,  ultimately safeguarding lives, property, and ecosystems from the devastating impacts of wildfires.

Author: Hannah Lee, 2024 Summer Law Student


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