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Fullscript’s Acquisition of Emerson Ecologics

March 24, 2022


As recently reported, Ottawa-based health technology company Fullscript acquired the US-based Emerson Ecologics, a distributor of vitamins, supplements and natural health products. While the financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, the deal is expected to double Fullscript’s annual revenue and the number of people its platforms support (which is now around 70,000 healthcare professionals and over five million patients). Fullscript’s Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Braatz stated that the acquisition “is a giant step toward bringing interactive medicine into the mainstream” and it will provide “Fullscript with the scale and technology to arm practitioners with the tools they need to practice health promoting medicine”.

Fullscript was launched in 2011 and offers supplement delivery and virtual care tools for integrative medicine practitioners and patients. The firm’s software enables medical practitioners to create virtual treatment plans, dispense supplements and provide adherence tools to their patients. With the acquisition, Fullscript will further its product offerings by allowing for access to additional key professional grade supplements and wellness brands, diagnostic testing and an expanded distribution network.

By: Matthew Erdman

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