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Google I/O Conference Unveils Newest Offerings

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Two weeks ago, Google hosted its annual developer conference “Google I/O”, announcing its new wave of inventions and software capabilities.

While the conference was geared towards developers, it provides consumers with a sign of what’s to come and how Google is evolving.

  • Pixel 8a: Google’s newest budget-friendly handset hit the market last week. Offering impressive generative AI features at a competitive price of $499.

  • Slate: Google’s Pixel Tablet, Slate, is now available for purchase.

  • Enhanced security features:

    • AI call scanning to identify potential scams;

    • Threat detection software to protect against malicious apps;

    • Screen sharing protection; and

    • Anti-theft features that activate when they detect motions typical of theft.

  • Improvements to Gemini (Google’s AI software):

    • Gemini Live: Allowing for live “in-depth” discussions with the software and even the input of photos, videos or other media for the program to respond to.

    • Google Veo: An AI model designed to create videos based upon text instructions.

    • Ask Photos: Allowing users to search easily through their content with prompts such as finding the “best photo” from a specific trip.

    • Gmail Add-In: Users may now ask for a summary of recent emails to highlight upcoming action items or the current status of a project, or even to extract information into different formats such as spreadsheets.

    • Google Smart TV: Gemini will now generate descriptions, translations and reviews where missing based on users’ desires.

  • Private Space: Similar to ‘Incognito Mode’, Android will soon be able to silo their sensitive information through a separated area in the operating system that is locked.

  • New ‘Web’ Search Filter: Google users can now filter search results to see only text-based links.

Google’s latest innovations not only push the boundaries of technology, but also demonstrate the multitude of ways AI will be integrated into consumer products.

Authors: Shea Neals, 2023-2024 Articling Student


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