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How Apple and OpenAI are Revolutionizing the iPhone Experience

Updated: Jul 8

June 11, 2024


On June 10, 2024, Apple and OpenAI announced a partnership – allowing for the formal integration of OpenAI’s groundbreaking technology into Apple’s forthcoming iOS software.


While this partnership is game-changing, Apple is no stranger to AI. The tech giant has already incorporated the technology into features such as live text and autocorrect.


Apple also acquired the Canadian startup, DarwinAI, earlier this year. A power move signaling to the public – and Apple’s competitors – its commitment to advancing AI and revolutionizing the mobile experience.


Nevertheless, Generative AI is new territory for Apple. It can unlock new levels of interaction and personalization for users by providing thoughtful and thorough responses to questions and prompts. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, “We see generative AI as a key opportunity across our products and believe we have advantages that set us apart there.”


So, how will this partnership change the iPhone?


One of the most anticipated features is a smarter Siri. Reports suggest that OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT-4o model will transform Siri into a powerful chatbox within the iPhone. This new-and-improved assistant will be capable of performing specific tasks such as: recalling old photos, summarizing long emails, writing drafts, and learning your schedule, preferences, and personality to communicate with you better throughout the day. This improved Siri will directly compete with Samsung’s beloved “circle to search” feature, which allows users to quickly search for information on a device’s screen with a simple finger gesture.

The future is here and the way Apple users experience the iPhone is about to change.

Author: Tierra Benfield, 2024 Summer Intern


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