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Ifeel, the Mental Health Platform for Companies

Updated: 6 days ago

Mental health has become an increasingly pressing concern in personal and professional contexts, and healthcare has evolved to reflect and meet these emerging needs. Online therapy and mental health services have gained traction in recent years, with almost one dozen online therapy companies launching in the last few years.

One of the more recent examples of a successful online mental health initiative is ifeel. Ifeel is a European startup that developed as a consumer-focused platform. It notably gained traction during the pandemic by allowing businesses to provide mental health supports to their staff at a time when it was crucial to be able to do so remotely. Further to this, ifeel has already been integrated into the frameworks of companies such as Gympass, TravelPerk and InsudPharma offering unique solutions for employees as well as informing the perspective of the company and HR to better understand the mental health needs of their employees.

Ifeel takes a unique approach to online therapy services by providing an assessment of the consumer using the service using AI software to evaluate and provide them with the level of care appropriate and necessary to benefit the individual and the company.

Ifeel has raised a $20 million Series B investment co-led by FinTLV Ventures and Korelya Capital, in total raising $40 million since its inception. This demonstrates the continuous forward trajectory of mental healthcare, which is a key factor of modern healthcare practice.

Author: Serayah Jamadar, 2024 Summer Student


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