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Microsoft Teams Has a New Dynamic View on Things

February 2, 2021


According to the Verge, Microsoft Teams will be introducing a new viewing feature named Dynamic View to its communications platform this coming March. The update will facilitate participants with slide deck presentations, and even watching live events with larger groups online. In other words, users will be able to share content more easily with participants during calls.

At this time, the current layout of the Teams’ platform makes it such that a participant cannot share their screen without minimizing their own video feed. The upcoming upgrade will permit users to customize their view and incorporate their shared screen succinctly to the call. Additional benefits include; active speaker identifiers and virtual hand raising.

The news of Dynamic View’s launch comes after a significant rise in customer usage, with over 115 million participants using the platform since the spread of COVID-19. Over the past months, Microsoft has also successfully launched other features such as virtual breakout rooms and improved calling to the Teams platform. Many look forward to what the research & development team will be introducing next.

Author: Awale Deria


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