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'Mind by Maple': The New Virtual Mental Health Service by Maple

September 7, 2021


On August 26, Toronto-based virtual care provider Maple announced that it is expanding its healthcare services to include the delivery of mental health support through its new platform, ‘Mind by Maple’. "Mind by Maple offers a full spectrum of mental health support, from booking a visit with a mental health therapist, to serving up engaging and relevant content, to regular, clinically validated screenings to track patients' mental health progress over time,” said CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Brett Belchetz.

Not only does this expansion give Maple the opportunity to offer a more fulsome range of healthcare services, it also helps to address the lack of adequate mental health support in the workplace. According to BetaKit, a study conducted on behalf of Maple found that 60 percent of working Canadians feel their employer could be doing more to support their mental health, with more than half expressing that they expect more from their employers as they return to the office. The online resources provided by Mind by Maple, such as ongoing check-ins and flexible therapy appointments, will allow employees to have quick and easy access to this support in the comfort of their own homes.

Employers who take part in this new service will also reap the benefits from investing in mental health. According to Maple, for every dollar put towards mental health benefits, there is a $2.18 annual return on investment. “Employers who invest in mental health are seeing real impacts like fewer missed work days and increased productivity for their teams.”

While Maple is not the first company to offer this type of online service, this new expansion into mental health will put Maple one step closer to its ultimate goal of becoming a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for virtual care. As Dr. Belchetz explains, "Our goal with Mind by Maple is to support Canadians with innovative and comprehensive health tools to improve mental healthcare for some of the most pressing types of concerns.”

By: Samara Friszman


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