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Ryerson’s DMZ Partners With UBI Global to Advise Network of Tech Incubators

February 12, 2020


Ryerson University’s DMZ, a Toronto-based business incubator for tech startups, is partnering with Swedish tech advisory firm UBI Global (UBI) to become the official consultant for a network of more than 700 incubators across the world. Through this partnership, the DMZ will help incubators with the development of administrative infrastructure, workshop curriculum, strategies for programming, financial model reviews, market research, equity, inclusion and diversity portfolios in addition to other methodologies for management teams.

Given the DMZ’s proven track record and position in UBI’s annual ranking of tech incubators, it comes as no surprise that the Swedish research organization would choose the DMZ to provide development services and advice on best practices to its vast network of incubators.

In 2018, UBI ranked the DMZ as the top university-based business incubator in the world. UBI analyzes the performance of business incubators by looking at 21 indicators such as investment dollars attracted, revenues, number of jobs created and sustained, qualified exits, company survival rates, coaching and mentoring hours and alumni engagement. Since the DMZ topped the UBI rankings, it has launched various initiatives to support other startups, expanded its network of investors and developed partnerships with international organizations to work with early startups in places such as Jordan and the Caribbean.

In a Press Release announcing the partnership, the DMZ’s executive director, Abdullah Snobar, said that the DMZ is looking for opportunities to help cultivate startup ecosystems by sharing the experiences and lessons learned since the DMZ was created ten years ago. “By working with UBI Global, we’re not only excited to bring Canada to the world by mentoring up-and-coming tech markets, but also provide the confidence and mindset for entrepreneurs to have an international vision when it comes to growth and innovation.”

As a proud partner of the DMZ, Goodmans lawyers provide legal advice and consultations to DMZ startups every week.

Author: Meg King

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