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Sparrow raises C$3.25 Million to Advance Computational Health Development

September 22, 2021


Halifax-based health technology startup Sparrow announced that it secured C$3.25 million in a pre Series A financing, from two Canadian investors, Klister Credit Corp., and Killick Capital Inc. The computational health development company uses its proprietary technology to process biological sounds and build powerful diagnostic models of disease. The company’s goal is to assist healthcare providers in offering early detection and monitoring progressive conditions to broader populations, especially those without equal access to medical care.

With this financing, Sparrow plans to develop smartphone microphones that can assess people’s health based on their bodily sounds, such as breathing. According to CEO, Mark Opauszky, “Undetected, progressive conditions like cardiovascular and pulmonary disease affect hundreds of millions of people and cost the system billions every year. The world needs fast, early detection for populations wherever they are, and without all the barriers that exist today.” This new capital will allow them to complete a comprehensive data set available to validate and further train their machine learning for this purpose. Sparrow’s aim is that this technology will lead to a more proactive healthcare system, while also lowering costs for providers.

In order to achieve its goal of assisting healthcare providers, Sparrow also plans to use the funding to develop sales relationships with major health institutions in Canada and United States, as well as to cover costs associated with approval processes for medical technologies.

Author: Bukola Adelusi


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