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Syzl Wins PITCH Competition at the 2023 Collision Conference

July 12, 2023


As the Founding Legal Counsel in Residence for the DMZ, Goodmans had the opportunity to attend the 2023 Collision Conference. Collision – one of the biggest technology conferences in the world – brings together companies and people in the technology industry. One exciting element of Collision is the PITCH Competition, which provides startups “that have received less than $5 million in funding to date and have not had a discernible change in business model in the last three years” the opportunity to battle on stage. The 2023 judges included Wesley Chan of FPV Ventures, Mary D’Onofrio of Bessemer, and John Ruffolo of Maverix.

This year’s PITCH winner was Syzl, “a one-stop-shop for food makers looking for certified kitchen space.” Their business model focuses on allowing people to easily book and pay for commercial kitchen spaces. Interestingly, their business assists other entrepreneurs looking to break through the cost barriers of the food industry. Rather than facing the challenges of scaling a business, Syzl gives smaller businesses and ordinary consumers the opportunity to book professional kitchens with all the necessary equipment to grow without the cost burdens. It is an entrepreneurial venture that helps other entrepreneurs.

Adam Dickinson


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