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Tech4SickKids E-Auction to Modernize SickKids Hospital

November 29, 2021


As recently reported, Tech4SickKids raised an additional $50,000 in its inaugural e-auction, as part of a grassroots campaign to fundraise $25M for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (“SickKids Hospital”).

Tech4SickKids was founded in 2017 and in June this year, announced its goal to raise $25M by 2022 to modernize SickKids Hospital. Tech4SickKids stated that as part of this modernization effort, it hopes to drive the hospital’s artificial intelligence (“AI”) in Medicine for Kids initiative, create an enhanced resource hub to lead to AI projects and build emergency rooms equipped with new technology and AI to obtain better health outcomes for children.

Erin Bury, chief executive officer of Willful and Fatima Zaidi, chief executive officer of Quill have recently taken over as co-chairs of Tech4SickKids. They have called on technology companies to support the development and procurement of life-saving, innovative technologies, which include devices will help accurately predict risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Tech4SickKids has raised $8.25M to date.

By: Matthew Erdman


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