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TikTok Tests Out New Photo Sharing Platform “TikTok Notes”

Monday, May 6, 2024


TikTok has rolled out an Instagram competitor, “TikTok Notes” in Australia and Canada. TikTok Notes is a platform where users can share photo and text content. The app will work harmoniously with the original TikTok app, with photos posted on the original TikTok app uploaded and available in the new TikTok Notes app. Users can opt out from the photos they upload on TikTok being posted on TikTok Notes, and are also able to individually post photos and text in the TikTok Notes app itself.

A difference between TikTok Notes and Instagram is users’ ability to create headlines for their posts, separate from captions. This is not a feature Instagram currently offers. The layout of the app is also different, with posts organized in a two-column grid.

TikTok Notes is  “designed for those who would like to share and engage through photo content,” as posted by the TikTok communications team on X.

There is currently no release date for other countries and the roll out in Australia and Canada is for “limited testing.”

Author: Jeffreen Rahman 2023/2024 Articling Student


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