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Toronto Startup Unveils Ultra-High-Speed Electric Vehicle

August 4, 2022


At a recent event held at the MaRS Discovery District, Toronto-based startup TransPod unveiled the FluxJet. The FluxJet is an innovative vehicle which will operate on the TransPod Line, an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system which will be built between Edmonton and Calgary.

The FluxJet, an electric vehicle described as a hybrid between an aircraft and a train, will be capable of travelling at over 1000 km/h, faster than a jet plane. The speed of the FluxJet will allow passengers and cargo to travel the 300-plus kilometre distance between Edmonton and Calgary in a mere 45 minutes. The trip will cost less than the flight between the two cities, and is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 636,000 tonnes annually by displacing existing car and plane travel.

At the event, the FluxJet’s futuristic capabilities were demonstrated by a scaled-down model. The live demonstration included take-off, travel, and landing procedures. The full-size FluxJet vehicles will be 25 metres long, capable of seating up to 54 passengers or equivalent cargo.

The TransPod Line is currently in early stages of development. Preliminary construction work, including an environmental impact assessment, has already begun. The project is expected to cost US $18B, and is projected to create up to 140,000 jobs and add CAD $19.2B to the region’s GDP during construction.

By: Noah Lew


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