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Twitter Joins Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook in Social Commerce Integration

April 20, 2021


As reported by TechCrunch, shortly after hinting at plans to enter the eCommerce space, Twitter is entering the social commerce scene with the rollout of its new “Shop” feature.

The “Shop” button will not only display information related to integrated products, such as the name and price of items, but also link to an eCommerce store selling the products. Unlike other platforms. Twitter intends for the “Shop” feature to be used organically, despite the fact that it would work well as an ad.

The social media company has gone on the record to say that the introduction of the “Shop” button is only the first of many experiments it plans to undertake in the realm of social commerce. Before launching the “Shop” button, Twitter launched a “Super Follow” tier that allows Twitter accounts to create and disseminate content such as newsletters, exclusive content, supporter badges and other deals and discounts on a subscription only basis. The “Shop” button, coupled with the roll-out of tiered follower features, indicates that Twitter is keen to keep up with the likes of Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram, in allowing its platform to be used as a creator platform. While the success of these features remains to be seen, one thing is clear: the integration of eCommerce is a part of Twitter’s future.

Author: Nargis Fazli


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