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Uber Direct Arrives in Canada

November 30, 2020


With the recent launch of Uber Direct, Canadians can start using Uber for more than just rides and food delivery. The retail delivery service launched in the US in April, and allows shoppers to place orders from select retailers and have their items delivered right to their doorstep, without contact.

The ridesharing company has partnered with Bond Brand Loyalty to deliver the service. While Uber has already moved into the realm of convenience and food delivery, Uber Direct will allow people to order instant delivery from businesses such as clothing, electronics and pet stores. It will allow customers to have their items delivered within hours, as opposed to the days-long waits of traditional delivery methods.

In Bond Brand Loyalty’s press release, Ronnie Gurion, General Manager, Uber for Business, emphasized the urgency of the program. He stated, “With the pandemic, delivery has evolved from a luxury to a utility as businesses look for – and consumers expect – real-time fulfillment.”

This service is just one of many initiatives that Uber has developed in the face of the pandemic. In April, Uber launched Uber Connect, which allows individuals to send packages and mail within the same city. It also recently introduced its Contactless Order feature to Uber Eats, which allows diners to order and pay through the app when dining-in at restaurants.

Author: Brennan Caldwell


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