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Zoom Introduces a New All-In-One Virtual Event Platform

June 7, 2021


The virtual meeting platform that has become all too familiar, Zoom, is launching a new events platform. Zoom Events is coming out this summer, targeting solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies to host a variety of events. Among other things, this new platform will allow users to host multi-session conferences as well as manage ticketing and registration. It will provide business and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to utilize a single platform to create, host, and monetize events.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events and meetings were starting to gain traction, but the pandemic quickly accelerated the trend and pushed the world into the digital space both in our business and personal lives. Within just two months of the pandemic the use of virtual events platforms increased over 1000%. Even now, over one year later the demand continues to grow and the need for companies to find new and interesting ways to connect with customers and users is on-going. Brands such as Gucci, Swarovski, L’Oreal, and even the Olympics are experimenting with new ways to engage with their clientele online.

Zoom Events will allow users to host not only business meetings but also fitness classes, music or art lessons, and theatre presentations. This platform is meant to make virtual events seem much more realistic. Although it is expected that in person events will resume eventually, it is predicted that virtual events will continue to be utilized. In a study conducted by Zoom, over 80% of respondents felt that even as life resumes to pre pandemic “normal” virtual elements will continue to be prominent. Zoom’s new events platform will be great to meet the continuing demand. Notably, this platform will be great for creating multi-session events such as conferences, where attendees would be able to speak and network with each other in a virtual lobby, managing and hosting internal events such as sales meetings, setting up external conferences and much more.

Author: Jaclyn Jesin


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